Donald Edmund Thomas

Lighting Design

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La Gioconda

Opera by Amilcare Ponchielli

Produced by Florida Grand Opera
Directed by Bliss Hebert
Settings Designed by Allen Charles Klein
Lighting Designed by Donald Edmund Thomas
Costumes Designed by Allen Charles Klein
Date: April, 1999

Production Also Designed for l'Opera de Montreal, directed by Bernard Uzan, May, 1999,
And Baltimore Opera, directed by Dejan Miladinovic, October, 1996********

Act 1 The Lion's Mouth The Courtyard of the Ducal Palace.
Allen Charles Klein's Design Rendering for Act 1.

Review: Allen Charles Klein's big, handsome production, lit with a flair for atmosphere by Donald Edmund Thomas, provides the visual lushness to complement all the aural fireworks.
     - Tim Smith, Miami Sun Sentinel, April 17, 1999.